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  • Service Booking Calls.

  • Lapsed and Overdue Customer Calls.

  • Vehicle Health Check Follow Up.

  • CSI, CVP,  CLP Follow Up.

  • Customer Satisfaction  /  Viewpoint.

Some aftersales team's however don't always have the sales 'snappiness' of the retail sales team to increase workshop hours.  They are not trained sales people after all.

For booking calls, Cymark can either make all of the calls or just chase the ones your team have been unable to contact.  After hours calls.

We work with your diary to fill in extra work where you need it most.

For levels of customer satisfaction.  Both for a manufacturers audit but also for your own standards.   Are you happy with the level of service you are able to offer.  All our CSI calls included a detailed analysis showing the strengths and weaknesses within the team.   Is your customer satisfaction better on a Wednesday afternoon ?  Do different receptionists make a difference ?

Cymark can guarantee to contact your service customers within 24 / 48 hours of the work being carried out.  Meeting many manufacturers standards.  We also identify an issues of problems before the manufacturers' survey lands, giving you the opportunity to put things right.

Sometimes you might only need Cymark to make the calls part time, when your busy or you have key members of staff on holiday.  Treat us like an specialist temp agency.  One that happens to have trained, experienced callers on hand all day and every evening.

"If we were bigger we would probably do these calls in house, but at least this way I know they will be completed."

"Our Viewpoint scores are now consistently over 78%.  This makes a huge difference to us."

"It helps to also compare our results, both as a statistic and anecdotally, to see how we are really doing."

What do we get back ?

Details of every call made, with all the problem customers highlighted and emailed back as soon as we have spoken to the customer.

Then each month we have a management meeting where we can look at the results of all the calls made, and the answers, to see if there are any problems - a sort of strengths and weaknesses assessment.

How do you reach so many customers ?

Simply because we are open longer than you are and we are geared up to make lots of telephone calls.  There is no practical limit to the number of times we will try a customer.  In the morning, the afternoon or the early evening.   We only get paid if we speak to a real person so it try very hard to speak to them.

What are the questions ?

They can be anything you want, or need, we have numerous scripts that we have used with very nearly all the manufacturers over a number of years.  We know the information you want to get back but we also know how to keep the customers interested to continue a call.