For Corporate and Fleet Sales, Cymark makes telemarketing calls on behalf of the dealership and manages the results.  All the records spoken to and saved within an online local business database. 

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Local Business Appointments.

Developed with Audi UK in the 90's telemarketing for local business has really come into its own during 2020 and 2021.  Build up a real database of local customers your can market to again and again and build up a real relationship

The corporate / small business market has changed dramatically over the past 25 years with dealerships moving away from brokers and trying to get a more even balance between just moving metal and making sensible profit from the local business community.

Cymark will identify and speak to every suitable local business in your area. Over several months appointments will be made and a comprehensive database will be built up containing your own accurate local business customers. Something you can market to month in month out.

This is not simply providing a list of all solicitors, or ‘vets’ because you have a new 4 x 4 that will be ‘just right for them’. This programme contacts all businesses, many that have never been spoken to before for new conquest sales.

When coupled with the eSend email marketing platform you can email your local business list every week or follow up targetted campaigns, depending upon the stock you have at the moment.  Invaluable since Covid.

"This is the job none of the corporate sales exec's like.  If we're not careful we end up just supplying brokers and not the drivers.   The trouble is, they don't make the prospecting calls. . . . "

"I like the fact that we can turn it on, turn it off and amend the whole programme when we want to.  It lets us fit in with what the manufacturer wants us to do."

"I can't believe the online CRM system we have access to.  £39 a month for the whole site!  

We keep all the company records in one place, we can access it from anywhere and I can get a report, at any time, showing the activity of the team."

Who do you call ?

We call the companies on your behalf.  We decide at the outset what size fleet you are interested in :  1 - 10 cars, 20 - 50 cars, 75 plus cars,  and we target those companies that are best likely to match that criteria.

The data itself comes from national list providers, both for company information and market information.  Unfortunately there isn't a nice central database of all the fleet users in the country.  Local business is even worse.  Cymark takes a new approach, we identify which companies are 'likely' to run the number and type of vehicles we have decided upon and we call then on your behalf.  AND only on your behalf.  Any information we generate is yours, we cannot use it for any other dealership.  (It may surprise you that this is pretty unique.)

Do you make appointments ?

Yes.  Fixed point appointments - "Wednesday at 10:30" to floating appointments, "can we make it the week beginning the 18th ?   The local business manager can then call to confirm the exact date / time to suit his own diary.  The approach we take is the one that best works for your dealership.

With COVID-19 we are finding more interest in virtual meetings via Skype or Teams.  While this doesn't always give the best opportunity to sell your franchise, we are getting many more companies at least willing to have a virtually face to face, where before they weren't willing to spend time setting up a one-to-one meeting.

Do you help us manage the prospects you identify ?

Making contact with companies to supply vehicles is a long up hill struggle.  Unlike retail sales the person you speak to today is unlikely to be in the market to buy a vehicle this week.  But they may be in the market in 2 months, 6 months or 12 months.  We manage that timing.

The majority of LBDM's have their own collection of spreadsheets and business cards that follow them around.  Spreadsheets are great for storing information but difficult to use when trying to find which companies you should call this week.

One of the advantages of having done this within a dealership is our ability to look for a working solution.

How would a very easy to use system, no harder than a spreadsheet, that was stored online - so you could access the information from the office, home or on the road - that would give you a list of who you needed to call today.  Plus it would keep all their vehicle fleet details. their buying cycles and a history of all your conversation with them to date.

For more information have a look at the Online CRM page.