"Finally.  A cost effective online database that's specifically for the fleet guy.   Not a fudge of an accounts or DMS system."

A Motor Trade specific, local business database that links to the eSend bulk email platform.

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But how much is it ?

The smart bit.  You don't pay per user, you only pay once for the whole site.   Each user can have their own records, 'site manager' permission levels let a manager view records for everyone on site.

If more than one dealership uses the system, a 'Group Manager' access level allows you to see and search across records for all users and all dealerships.

If you have more than one dealership, then a 'Group Manager' access level lets the user see all of the records, all of the activity across all dealerships.

Just £39 per month, for your whole dealership

If you want to add eSend.  The business packages start at £20 a month and include templates, full help guides and 12,000 emails per month.

Combine the CRM with eSend.  Select records within the database and then blanket email them for a marketing campaign.

It breaks the jobs down into the ones you do the most.  For just £39

Who do you need to speak to today ?

Login, simple to see, listing all of the companies that you have to speak to today.  (Or forgot to call from yesterday)

One click takes you to the information pages for that company.


The site holds all of the information a Local Business Development Manager would ever need to store against a prospective client.

The opening page gives you a quick summary of your conversation to date - just to remind you what you quoted for.  Each comment can include an attachment if needed.

A bit more information?

This is the trick bit.  Cymark CRM uses Flexible Tabs(c) You can store any piece of information you might want.  You choose.

What are Flexible Tabs?

Each of the information tabs within Cymark CRM are flexible.  You decide what information fields you have.  But you don't need a computer wizard or programmer.

We set this up for you - it takes 2 minutes - when you sign up to Cymark CRM.

In the example to the left, we are recording the fleet details, change cycle and purchase method.

But it could just as easily store manufacturer terms reference, or NFU area details.

Doesn't that cause a problem with the reports and searches?

Thats the clever bit.  When the fields are changed all the searches look for the information you want.

And you can add search criteria one at a time to select exactly what you want.

So what else can it do?

It includes a sales and targets module, you decide on the activity level for the number of calls, appointments, sales etc and it tracks the activity in real time.

It will output results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Including an expected order report.  So you can be prepared for the next management or manufacturer meeting.

You mentioned eSend.

Once you have run a search, if you use eSend, a new button will pop up.

This takes all of your matching search results and creates an email subscriber list.

Anything you send using eSend, details of any email campaign are automatically written back to each record.  So you can see what an individual customer has received or been offered.

Do I have to use eSend?

No.  Cymark CRM and eSend sit side by side, but you can use one without the other.

eSend is a bulk email platform (run by Cymark CRM) that lets the user send thousands of full graphic emails at the touch of a button. 

Cymark CRM is an online, local business database specially designed for Local Business Development Managers within the Motor Trade.