Below are a selection of Video Guides to help you use the CRM system.

CRM Overview.

A short overview of the CRM system as a whole.

Showing the main screens and how information is saved and displayed.

Flexible Tabs

A Video Guide covering the unique Flexible Tabs employed by the CRM system to allow you to store any information you need within the system.

Video Guide - Create a New Record

A step by step Video Guide showing you how to create a new company record and add both basic and detailed information.

Video Guide - Find a Record

A step by step Video Guide showing how to find any record saved within the CRM system.

Users can search across any field containing data within the CRM system.

Video Guide - Export Emails 

Each record wihin the CRM Database can store numerous contact names and email addresses.

This Video Guide shows you how to get all the email address out to a Microsoft Excel file to send markeing emails.

Video Guide - Sales and Targets

Each user can have an activity monitor, or sales funnel to plot and plan their activity.

This Video Guide shows how a user can be set up on the system if the function is enabled.