"Finally.  A cost effective online database that's specifically for the fleet guy.   Not a fudge of an accounts or DMS system."

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A bit more detail ?

A series of pages to show you the contact history, or any other information you want to store for a company.

Current vehicles, method of funding, buying cycles.

Its all there.   Don't miss another tender opportunity.

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But how much is it ?

The smart bit.  You don't pay per user, you only pay once for the whole site. 

just £39 per dealership per month.

NOT per user.

Combine the CRM with eSend.  Select records within the database and then blanket email them for a marketing campaign.

Who do you need to speak to today ?

Opening page, simple to see, listing all of the companies that you have to speak to today.

One click give's you all the information on a company

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But is it for Fleet ?

Yes.  The site holds all of the information a Local Business Development Manager would ever need to store against a prospective client.

Search, instantly.   show you all the companies in a particular area that have between 5 and 25 vehicles.

  • Secure Backups.

  • Free Data Imports / Exports

  • Online Reports.

  • Telephone support.

  • Works for single dealerships.

  • Works with multi-franchise multi-site dealer groups with different access levels for different users.