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Covid Support for 2022

Over the past 18 months many sites have enjoyed great profit margins and a healthly level of enquiries for both new and used cars.

We all know that new cars are a continuing problem, but used car customers are now enquiring with more and more showrooms as their first choice is no longer available and many are buying cars that 'weren't even on the list' when they initially enquired with you.

Cymark has been working, exclusively, with the Motor Trade for over 25 years making follow up and successful appointment calls.

We are helping retailers across the country keep in touck with both live and overdue customers as well as making 'limited data' campaign calls

Keep costs low and minimise liability by outsourcing your telemarketing calls during 2022 with Cymark.  No sick pay, no redundancy pay.  No managers wages. Flexability, when you need it most.  Cymark have been proven time and again to be more cost effective than in house call centres.

Limited Data Campaigns.

Ever since we started in business we have been making appointment calls for showroom events - new cars, used cars, vehicle launches.

During that time there was often an excess of records that were sent a mail piece or email, which was then followed up.  2,000 records, 4,000 records, 10,000 records.   Often these were attempted only once or twice due to the time frame to make 'appointments for this weekend'.

But also during that time we made limited data calls.  Which are very much in demand at the moment.

Instead of 4,000 calls it's 400 calls.  But they are specific, targetted.  Only for potential customers of certain models you have in stock.  So far the smallest campaign we ran in 2021 was for 87 records.

The difference?  We try and try and try to reach these customers, not just one or two attempted calls, but 10, 15, 20 attempts.  AND we only charge if we actually get through to someone.   If you only have a limited number of records, you need someone who will try their hardest to reach a customer.

Overdue Record Follow Up  and
Lost Sale Follow Up

Many customers enquired over the past 12 - 18 months but decided not to take their enquiry further.  Many were uncertain about the economy or their own jobs.

How many of those enquiries are still open, marked as overdue, on your DMS?  Before you archieve them and mark them as lost, let Cymark give them a call.

With the heightened demand for quality used cars many customers have been temped to change their car, despite the economy.  Since Q3 2021 we have seen a jump in the level of customers that are now prepared to change.

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Your own Database.

Updating retailers databases, making sure that customers are being contacted even while staffing levels are tight, we are seeing some remarkable figures.

24%    Of your customers have changed their car *

47%    Of the database are interested in a valuation of their current car

61%    Of those, would be prepared to change or upgrade their car within the next 3 months.

And bear in mind, these customers, your customers, will also be on other retailers databases.  Receiving other marketing calls.

* average figures during 2021

What do I pay for ?

This is crucial.  You only pay for an individual contact.  Not all the attempts.  If we don't get through, you don't get charged

Price Freeze.  At present Cymark are holding prices at the 2019 level.  No year on year increase has been added.