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"Make the most of what you've got!"

You have been selling cars and vans for many years.  Originally those customers details were in filing cabinets and lever arch files.  Today they are in the computer.

They are now much easier to get at, and market to.  But how accurate and up to date is it ?   Are you continually mailing expensive mail pieces to a customer that moved house 2 years ago ?


What is the eCleanse?

The eCleanse is broken down into three sections, and is designed to make sure the database you use every day is as up to date as possible.

Step 1.    Data Analysis of your current database.   (Completely Free of Charge)

Step 2.    Electronic cleanse and correction of those parts of your database you want to update.

Step 3.    <Optional>  Vehicle check of the records with DVLA

The first step is simple.  Send Cymark a copy of your data and we will report back exactly how up to date and accurate it is.  And the beauty is  -  its completely free.

You then have a choice.  Do you want to cleanse and update the information or do you want to leave it - perhaps the data you cleansed was an old prospecting list you just wanted to check.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies, depending upon how much data we are talking about and how accurate it is.  But an entire database of a few thousand records can be electronically cleansed for only a couple of hundred pounds.

Why do Cymark do the eCleanse?

As a company Cymark makes telephone calls on behalf of dealerships, that's what we are good at.

It is in our interests therefore to make sure the information, your data, which we start with, is as good as possible.  We get better results.  We look better.

Why is the DVLA Vehicle check optional?

Basically because the DVLA element of the cleanse is quite expensive.  DVLA charge a fee to tell you that the customer no longer has the vehicle.  Unfortunately they don't tell you what they have got now.

At this point most dealerships opt to have the customers called, we find out what they are currently driving - even if it is a competitors franchise you should really keep the information.

  • Free Data Check
  • Quick turn around.
  • Database support.
  • Database Management.
  • Very cost effective.