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Showroom Log  /  Lost Sales.

Telephone Lost Sale contact gets 7x the number of responses as email follow up. *

(Originally developed with Ford UK to manage lost sales.)

50% of enquiries marked on a showroom log record as lost by sales executives have not bought a car. Out of the half that have not bought a car, more than 2/3 are still looking !

Cymark will re-contact every showroom enquiry by telephone to regenerate the customers' interest and get them talking once again to the dealership.

The programme also shows training needs within the team by identifying, executive by executive, the reason for a loss of sale together with a simple summary of the customers' opinions.

"We ran a small pilot before we started using Cymark each month . . .   Out of 57  ‘lost records’  we had returned as still looking for a car we sold 21." 

"That’s why we use them every month."

"When you consider that on average 20% of your sales enquiries are lost due to poor salesmanship / qualification /  lack of agreed or planned follow up / simply the customer not liking the consultant (when did they ever record a lost sale stating that reason?) 

Or the customer not telling the truth.  Then a failure to have an effective process in place to deal with this will lose potential sales that traditionally have been seen as ‘acceptable’


To ensure there is trust in effective recording of the initial data and the Sales consultants seeing the benefit that they can sometimes get a second chance cannot be underestimated.


In my business its proven to at least 1 more car sale per week. "

Is this big brother ?

A common panic amongst the sales team.  The short answer is 'No'.  The information only goes back to your own team, Sales Manager and Dealer Principal.

The whole programme is set up to re-introduce lost customers back into the sales process.  At the same time finding out why the customer gave the sales executive the impression that they were no longer buying.

Does it work ?

In providing telemarketing and research calls to the motor trade since the mid 90's this programme sells more new and used cars than any other programme we have run.   The customers are warm, we provide an independent outlet for their comments and we get them back taking to the dealership.

Compared to event appointment calls, it costs peanuts each month and the results are just staggering.

Don't compare telephone follow up with email follow up.  Each has it's own strength and weakness.  But for a limited number of records - customers that actually enquired with you - a conversation telephone contact is much more personal and shown to generate much higher sales opportunities.

What are the results like ?

We can contact the lost customers at any time you like, but to provide effective results 2 - 3 weeks after the date of their initial enquiry seems to be the best.  At that time 50% will have bought something.  But 50% haven't bought  and out of those, 60% are still in the market to buy.

More than any other programme this is one you really need to sit down with the area manager from Cymark to have a look at.  For the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee you will see something that will make a real difference to your dealership.

* Data sourced : US Maxtraffic,  AMA (Marketing Association)