Since 2020 Besoke telemarketing has become much more important.  Below are are selection of different retail programmes, but Cymark can offer so much more.  There is no extra charge for developing a unique script for your own requirements and data. 

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Retail Sales

We want you to sell more cars.  More new cars, more used cars, more light commercials.

To sell more cars we need to increase the number of potential customers that vist the dealership, increase the showroom traffic.

Cymark specialises in making those telemarketing calls that the sales team just love to avoid making.  Anything but sit on the phone for 2 hours!

Working with your own marketing team we can encompass virtually every type of telemarketing campaign.   It can be a mailshot follow up programme, a finance renewal campaign or a 12 / 24 / 36 month campaign.  The choice is yours.

"Cymark contacted 600 customers for us an made 73 appointments.  The best result was that 65 of them turned up!"

"We ran a campaign with someone else, but no one turned up.  Guy offered to recall all our missing appointments to see if they could salvage anything.  Thankfully they did."

"We have dropped the ball.  We are running an event this weekend and we haven't made any appointment calls!   Can you help?"

We can, and we did

What type of events can you call for ?

Nearly every type of event can be catered for.  Some are old favourites, "Man from The Factory", "VIP Style", "Double Discount", "Cost price / Cost price plus a pound".  Each script is tailored to your own campaign, the offers you have on, the members of the team, anything unusual that would make the event specific to you and your customers.

Who actually makes the calls ?

This question is not as silly as it sounds.  We make the calls on your behalf.  This is not your sales team making the calls under the supervision of a trainer.  Many sites split the activity - if you team have had training in the past let them make half of the calls, Cymark can make the other half.

What do I pay for ?

This is crucial.  You are not paying 'per appointment' so there is no incentive on our part to 'make as many appointments as physically possible, even if the customer is not really interested'.  Our system works.

As a guide a £1,800 campaign would generate about 50 weekend appointments.  As you would expect this can go up and down depending upon which weekend of the year you pick, the weather, and realistically how good an offer are we asked to promote?

As each campaign is tailored to you we can make any number of calls / appointments.  For an emergency campaign recently we managed to get through to just 84 customers the night before an event.  The good news was that we managed to make 9 appointments that they didn't have before and it cost the dealership less than £400.  (and two of those bought!)